Emails can be designed in a similar way to web sites using HTML and CSS. Perhaps surprisingly, emails are more complicated to design since they must adapt to all the various email clients (Outlook, Gmail etc.) plus the different web browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc.) that these clients can be accessed from.

Luckily there are email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, a free service (until you surpass 2000 subscribers) that offer reliable templates to build from. We recommend using Mailchimp to design and manage your newsletters however, we are open to using your preferred alternative.

We can design any number of newsletters and then schedule these to be sent out to your mailing list. Another benefit of using a platform such as Mailchimp is that you can segment your audience according to various criteria for example, you could choose to send a special promotion to your readers who have opened the most emails.

Graphic design

We can of course support you further by creating graphics especially for your newsletters.

Learn more about our graphic design services.


If you don’t already have a newsletter template, we can design one for you which can then be used to create all future newsletters. Given that you provide us with all the assets and copy, an initial template design could cost around half a day’s work.

Once you have a template, all future emails will be much quicker to build. A set of 5 emails for example could cost around a day’s work.

£25/ hour
£90/ half day
£175/ full day

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