A mailing list is a powerful and efficient tool to keep in touch with your customers and generate more sales. We can help you design a beautiful on-brand email template to help you reach your audience.

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Email template design

Emails can be designed in a similar way to websites using HTML and CSS. Perhaps surprisingly, emails are more complicated to design since they must adapt to all the various email clients (Outlook, Gmail etc.) plus the different web browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome etc.) that these clients can be accessed from.

Luckily there are several free email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, that offer a reliable template building interface. We can use one of these platforms to build you the perfect newsletter template, ready for reuse every time you’d like to send out an update to your mailing list.

Given that you provide us with all the assets and copy, an email template design could cost half a day’s work.

Email marketing services

If you would prefer to outsource the email design and distribution, we can help with this as well. Just send us the copy and assets and let us know when and to whom you’d like the emails sent to, and we can set it up.

Providing you have an email template, a set of 5 emails (for example) could cost around a day’s work.

For advice or assistance with organising your mailing list, for example creating tags, interest groups or sign up forms, you can commission us or consider private tutoring.


£36/ hour
£252/ day

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Graphic design

We can of course support you further by creating graphics especially for your newsletters.

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