Domains and Hosting

In order to keep a web site accessible via the internet, you need 2 things: a unique domain name and server from which to host your site. An SSL certificate is also very important.


What is it?

In order to keep a web site accessible via the internet, it must be hosted by a server. A server is basically a specialised kind of computer that’s kept online and running at all times. Your website files are uploaded onto the server which are then available for visitors to come and view your site.

Compare our services

You can rent server space from a web hosting service company such as Godaddy or Bluehost for around £100 per year. Alternatively, you can save some money by choosing one of our hosting packages. We rent our server space from Greengeeks which is powered by renewable energy in the UK.

Transfer to Cascading Styles

If you are already paying to host your site somewhere else and would like to move to one of our hosting services, we would be happy to help you with the move.

Please note that for security reasons, we do not provide our clients with FTP or admin console access.

Hosting packages

To inquire about any of our hosting packages, please get in touch.

Free Hosting up to 300MB

For a small static website, why pay for hosting when you’re not making the most of the service? Share our server and get 300MB free server space. This is enough to host a small blog, portfolio or static website.

£1/ month up to 2GB

If you go over the 300MB limit, don’t worry! We’ll only charge you £1 per month to cover the costs. This is enough space for a small web shop, medium-sized blog, portfolio or static website.

£5/ month up to 10GB

If you need more than 2GB or run a website that requires its own hosting account for security reasons (if you’re processing credit card payments or customers’ personal details), then we recommend this package. This is more than enough space for a large website.

For very large websites with specific needs, we can recommend dedicated hosting services.


We also offer a range of monthly retainers depending on your size and requirements. WordPress security and maintenance retainers range from £30 – £180 per month. We can also include any number of hours to make regular content updates to your website, charged at our retainer rate.

Find out more about our retainer services.

To purchase one of our hosting packages, or to sign a retainer with us, please get in touch.


A domain name is the unique address from which your web site can be found for example, ours is You can purchase a domain name service from a domain name registrar for around £10-20/ year.

If you don’t already have a domain name, we would be happy to assist you in purchasing one.

Free SSL certificates

For those of our clients who host with us, we can offer free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates to secure your domain (this doesn’t cover subdomains).

SSL certificates allow for sensitive data passed by your website to be encrypted, this is essential for ecommerce and the collection of personal details.

It’s also increasingly important to use an SSL, even on small static websites, as most browsers will block access to visitors or at least show a warning for websites without the HTTPS:// protocol.

Search engines like Google will rank SSL secured websites higher in their search results as these websites are deemed higher quality and more trustworthy.

Custom email addresses

We can include any number of custom email addresses for free with your hosting package, just keep in mind that the space required to store your emails will be included in your space quota.

You can avoid taking up extra server space with your email inbox by setting up a forwarder and using aliases. For help with this, just ask!