Domains and Hosting

In order to keep a web site accessible via the internet, you need 2 things: a unique domain name and server from which to host your site.


A domain name is the unique address from which your web site can be found for example, ours is You can purchase a domain name service from a domain name registrar for around £20 per year.

If you don’t already have a domain name, we would be happy to arrange this for you.


In order to keep a web site accessible via the internet, it must be hosted by a server. A server is basically a specialised kind of computer that’s kept online and running at all times. Your website files are uploaded onto the server which are then available for visitors to come and view your site.

You can rent server space from a web hosting service company such as Godaddy or Bluehost for around £100 per year. Alternatively, you can save this cost by hosting your web site on our server for free. We rent our server space from Greengeeks which is powered by renewable energy in the UK.

If you are already paying to host your site somewhere else and would like to move to our free hosting service, we would be happy to help you with the move.


Aside from the domain and hosting costs themselves, the cost for us to set up a straight forward domain name and server space for your web site (with Greengeeks) will cost a flat fee of £50 for our time. This includes WordPress installation if desired.

For any more complicated procedures such as moving a web site from one hosting service provider to another, or moving domain names, our rates are as follow.

£25/ hour
£90/ half day
£175/ full day

For any questions, please get in touch.